Monday, April 25, 2011

Encourage your Spouse

Have you encouraged your spouse today? This is something that should eventually come as natural to us as brushing our teeth or eating. Our marriage needs daily nourishment. Encouragement means the most from the person you love.

It is easy to get caught up in the distractions of the day. However, our priorities are alway highlighted by our words and actions. If you internally value your spouse, there must be an external manifestation. Be a manifestation of grace to your spouse from day to day.

Psalm 4:7 says, "You have put gladness in my heart. More than in the season that their grain and wine increased." Pray that you will be a source of blessing to your spouse. Tell him/her you love them. Show them. Remind them. Plant seeds of encouragement every day believing they will manifest in due time.

Here are some ways you can encourage your spouse:

1) E-mail your spouse first thing in the morning (my husband does every means the world to me).

2) Send "I love you" texts at least once a day.

3) Ask your spouse to write down his/her dreams, visions, and goals so you can pray over them.

4) Edify your spouse by thanking him/her for specific things they do for you.

5) Purposefully omit criticism of faults even when it seems deserved at the time.

6) List out at least 5 qualities you love about your spouse and put it in a place that he/she will find it.

7) Purposefully look for the positive in your spouse and accentuate it.

8) Make a meal for your spouse that you don't normally make~ breakfast, lunch, dinner.

9) Do something for your spouse that requires sacrifice with joy~ either monetary, time, etc...

10) Brag about your spouse to others instead of complaining.


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