Friday, February 24, 2012

The Power of a Praying Wife- A MUST READ

One of the first marriage books I read was The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian. Apparently, there is another one out called The Power of a Praying Husband  ♥ (I will have to tell Adam). ♥

Stormie's testimony is so powerful. She effectively demonstrates that submission is not weakness, but rather your greatest strength as a wife. It's not about controlling your husband, but about surrendering and laying down your agenda.

She conveys if you will allow God to change YOU first, He will also flow through your husband, your marriage, and circumstances through Spirit-filled prayers.

She cried out to the Lord from the center of her brokenness and prayed this, "God I can't live this way anymore. I know what You've said about divorce, but I can't live in the same house with him. Help me, Lord."

God not only helped her, he transformed her into a Proverbs 31 wife. Her overcoming testimony of total marriage restoration has become an inspiration to women all around the world.

To read chapter one of The Power of a Praying Wife, click here.

Take a peak at the chapter titles in this book:

Chapter 1: His Wife

Chapter 2: His Work

Chapter 3: His Finances

Chapter 4: His Sexuality

Chapter 5: His Affection

Chapter 6: His Temptations

Chapter 7: His Mind

Chapter 8: His Fears

Chapter 9: His Purpose

Chapter 10: His Choices

Chapter 11: His Health

Chapter 12: His Protection

Chapter 13: His Trials

Chapter 14: His Integrity

Chapter 15: His Reputation

Chapter 16: His Priorities

Chapter 17: His Relationships

Chapter 18: His Fatherhood

Chapter 19: His Past

Chapter 20: His Attitude

Chapter 21: His Marriage

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