Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Looking for Lizards

My husband and I were in the car hectically running errands, when we noticed a lime green lizard on top of the side view mirror. I could not help but rooting for him, and I could tell that Adam must have felt the same because he was driving much slower than usual. It was comical to watch this freebird lizard brace itself from the wind while sprawling out his webbed toes to hang on for dear life. Of course, the wind eventually became too strong, and he fell off. My dear husband, probably in anticipation of my inordinate concern for God's creatures, looked to see where he landed. Miraculously, he saw him craw away, seemingly unharmed across the pavement. I try not to think, even as I write this, that it was ironically in the middle of the road where he got away...

The sight of this unexpected lizard prompted my husband to remember a childhood memory. He told me that he and his friends would have competitions to see who could find the most lizards in the backyard while they were playing.

I found 17 one time..." he said with a grin of satisfaction.

"How is that even possible?!?" I asked in disbelief.

His reply stayed with me, even now.

"It's just like anything. They are everywhere if you look for them."

Is that not the truth? How many blessings in my marriage have I overlooked because I haven't looked for them. I know there are so many miracles and provisions that God has given us during trials. How many have I not seen because my eyes have been dimmed from disappointments and disillusions?

I pray that God will restore the child-like sense of wonder in each of us to "look for the lizards." Look for all the incredible traits in your spouse that have always been there. Collect them. treasure them. Look for all the new mercies each morning that shine in bright shades of green, just waiting to be found.


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