Friday, May 6, 2011

The Power of Patience

Most of us think of patience as passivity, but it is actually just the opposite. It requires effort and energy. Patience is a powerful catalyst that will produce exponential results in marriage...long lasting results.

My marriage today is wonderful, but it was grown from seeds of patience at the very beginning. My husband Adam showed so much patience with me, especially at times when the natural response would be to get angry. He had enough wisdom to know exactly how to love me through my weakness. That is exactly what patience is...where love and wisdom intersect. I remember the quote he used to tell me during the difficult time we had our very first year of dating, "Anything worth having is worth fighting for."

Though often patience is spoken without words, its message is loud and clear. "You are worth it to me. You are precious. You are valuable." As a spouse, we are constant sowers. All we can do is plant seeds of grace and patience into the life of our partner. Whether it falls on a rocky ground or fertile soil should not be a condition of whether we give it.

Patience always has a reward. Ironically, many do not wait for it because it is so delayed. Know that patience is prophetic. It is like the dramatic hesitation between two chords in music. A crescendo in a piece of music must be introduced with a "pause" that is both necessary and expectant. It has exponential power that will be seen for years to come.

Here are the rewards that manifested as a result of my husband showing me patience:

1) I understood God's unconditional love for me on another level
2) It held up a mirror to my own flaws so I could see myself clearly to change
3) I have a greater desire to show patience towards him when he needs it
4) I have more patience for other people in my life
5) It has helped me to grow in spiritual maturity

Never estimate the power of patience!


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