Thursday, February 9, 2012

12 Marriage Blessings for 2012

The Body of Christ has rightly recognized that 2012 is the year of God's divine government. As marriages come into alignment with God's order, many marriages will experience pronounced healing, restoration, purpose, and prosperity. Each manifest blessing is a "right" that flows from our heavenly citizenship (Philippians 3:20) as Christians.

However, just like the Declaration of Independence was written to secure and protect these rights, We The People of the Body of Christ, must likewise unite and speak forth declarations in the earth that already exist in heaven. Our founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence because of four main purposes:

1) Getting reluctant colonists on board
2) Explaining the colonists' position on the purpose of government
3) Listing colonists' grievances against King George III to show the legitimacy of their actions to others
4) To encourage foreign nations to help them

Similarly, the Body of Christ has come to a strategic juncture in prophecy in which we must assemble around four main purposes that profess our Declaration of Dependence on God alone.

1) Get reluctant Christians on board- Christians that have one foot in the world's kingdom and the other foot in God's kingdom will be recruited by an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Many eyes will be opened to the infinite importance of the cause of Christ, and will respond to love's relentless pursuit. Also, many unbelievers will come to know Christ as KING of kings and LORD of lords. Evangelists equipped with the spiritual gifts of encouragement and exhortation will be used by God to accomplish this purpose. (Joel 3:14)

2) Explaining Christian's position on the purpose of God's divine government- Anointed leaders in the church will carry the Spirit of wisdom and understanding in order to articulate the purpose of establishing God's government in the earth. Many eyes will be opened to the truth that God's government does not operate under the law (which brings condemnation) but under grace (which brings liberty). This clarity of confusion will release a Spirit of peace as individuals realize that God's government is not only for His glory, but for their ultimate good. Many denominational walls will crumble suddenly just as they did with Joshua and the battle of Jericho. This will come to pass as individuals respond to God's commands in obedience even when they don't make sense. God will choose those that feel unqualified, but are full of faith so that all will know that it is God who gave the victory. Pastors and teachers will work together to rally others around this purpose.(See Isaiah 11:1-2, Romans 8:1, Galatians 5:1, Hebrews 11:30)

3) Listing Christian's grievances against the king of darkness- Christians will rise up to delineate relationship from religion. The church will separate from a spirit of religion which is marked by obligation, suppression, and oppression. Christians will desire to only be defined by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Relationship will be expressly characterized by intimacy which flows from love and choice. The yoke of slavery and bondage will be broken off so that light of God's promises can manifest in His people. The face of offense and division will dissolve in the presence of love. Watchmen and prophets will operate together with keen discernment to deliver a message whenever they sense religion tainting the purity of relationship. (Ezekiel 3:17, Isaiah 58:6, Acts 7:17-36)

4) To encourage all who have an ear to hear to help- God will quicken many hearts to release needed finances for projects, buildings, and missions that will advance God's kingdom. God will bless and multiply the provision so that it is more than enough. Apostles and those with a gift of administration will be used to facilitate discipline and activate honor and integrity. (Matthew 11:15, I Corinthians 12:28)

It is interesting that I Corinthians 12 reveals the diversity of spiritual gifts which are designed to bring forth unity in the body of Christ. As mentioned before, twelve represents government. I personally believe that the gifts of the Spirit are intentionally assimilated together under chapter 12 for added emphasis that spiritual gifts are given in order to bring forth God's government.


The blessings of marriage will also be restored as husbands and wives are awakened to God's original design for this sacred institution. Many eyes will be opened to the counterfeit unions that the enemy has erected in order to pervert the sacred. (Isaiah 5:20). The veils of tolerance will be lifted and individuals will be driven to repentance under the saving unction of love and holiness. A righteous clarity will emerge as individuals are awakened to the fact that whenever a sacred institution is redefined by culture, pain and brokenness inevitably follow.

In order to form a more perfect union, husbands and wives will step into position and align with God's government. Healing will manifest as each spouse understands that although there is a disparity in roles, there is an equality in value.

Twelve blessings will supernaturally manifest as each spouse returns to the divine establishment of marriage:

1) The Priestly Blessing- As the wife respects the role of her husband and allows him to guide, lead, and direct, the husband will be awakened to his role as priest of the household. The light of God's face will shine upon their marriage and He will give them peace. (Numbers 6:22-27)

2) The Blessing of Intimacy- As each spouse desires a deeper personal relationship with one another, the spirit of division will be cast out. Defensive walls erected by wounding and fear will crumble in the presence of unconditional love. (I John 4:18)

3) The Blessing of Prosperity- Husbands and wives use their specialized giftings and talents in order to work together as a team. God will multiply what each brings and bless the fruits of their labor. Each spouse will correctly recognize that increase comes from the Lord, and they will flourish from season to season (Psalm 1:1-6).

4) The Blessing of Restored Vision- Many marriages that have suffered from myopia will have restored vision. This unity of vision will give new meaning to daily activities. Couples will understand their purpose in relation to a broader prophetic scale. This will renew their sense of purpose and awaken each individual to their unique value (Proverbs 29:18, Habakkuk 2:2-3).

5) The Blessing of Returned Joy- As husband and wife willingly embrace their God-given roles in marriage, they will no longer feel bound or captive to the world's system and will experience overflowing joy. (Psalm 51:12)

6) The Blessing of Healing- Spouses that have suffered from wounding and broken hearts will come into freedom as they activate the power that is released from forgiveness, unconditional love, and respect. (James 5:16)

7) The Blessing of Purity- As couples ask God to cleanse their marriage and create a new "heart" that is shared between the two of them, wrongful motives will be pulled out at the roots (Psalm 51:10)

8) The Blessing of Unity- Fueled by love, each spouse will seek out their partner's needs above their own. Also, God will answer and honor anointed prayers spoken in unity (Matthew 18:19)

9) The Blessing of Communion- As marriages realize the strength of the three strand cord, and allow the Holy Spirit to direct their steps, each spouse will enter into greater spiritual communion. They will experience the boundless goodness of the Lord. (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

10) The Blessing of Balance- Husbands and wives will begin to understand that as they seek their relationship with God and their relationship with each other above the things of this world, their lives will return to proper balance. Stress, pressure, and anxiety will dissipate. (Matthew 6:33-34)

11) The Blessing of Favor- Each spouse will unlock the shackles of performance, which is governed by the world's system, and call forth God's undeserved/unmerited favor over their lives (Psalm 5:12)

12) The Blessing of Posterity- God will reward marriages that spring from His government with natural and spiritual children that will inherit generational blessings. (Psalm 22:30-31)


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