Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tips for a Rosy Valentine's Day

Still mulling over what to give your spouse for Valentine's Day? Hopefully, these tips will give cupid a day off.

10 Tips for Husbands
1) It's not how much the present costs, it is the thoughtfulness and creativity behind it.

2) If the picked-over supermarket flowers are half wilted in the store, they will be downright droopy when they get to her. Switch to plan B.

3) If your wife has a busy schedule, an act of service like cleaning the house will smell like roses.

4) Even if you know your wife is on a diet, buy the chocolates anyway.

5) If you forgot to make reservations, you can always cook a romantic dinner at home...don't forget the candles (catering works, too!).

6) If you have a favorite memory of you wife, today is a good day to share it with her.

7) If your wife told you she didn't want you to get anything...ignore her, she still wants something.

8) Some of the bests gifts are homemade. Decorate a shoe box and fill it with photos and love letters.

9) If you are giving her perfume, make sure you know what scent she likes in advance, or check with her family and friends first so you can surprise her.

10)  Dance with your wife even if it is in your living room.

10 Tips for Wives
1) The very best way to reach your husband's heart really is through his stomach.

2) Drop your ideal expectations on what you think your husband should get you for Valentine's Day. Give him a break!

3)List out all the things he does "right" for the other 364 days in the year.

4) Remember, the only flowers men like are edible. Consider bacon roses like the picture above or maybe a candy bar bouquet.

5) Wash his car.

6) Cook him his favorite dinner and favorite dessert. Fight the urge to do the dishes afterwards, and just spend time with him.

7) Make him homemade "tickets" in a card that say "free massage," "free movie night-your choice," etc...

8) Write a funny poem.

9) Remember to focus on what you can give him, not what you can receive from him.

10) Make him a basket filled with his favorite things.

Remember to thank God that He joined the two of you together!

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!


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