Monday, February 20, 2012

30 Days in Review

This past Saturday concluded our 30-day trial separation from television. The Lord has really blessed this small sacrifice. We felt that God was leading us into a new direction, and we needed to eliminate all distractions during this time so we could hear from Him clearly.

God has not only given us direction, but also strategies for this season. We have a new sense of clarity that we did not have previously. I believe He also wanted to break us out of the cycle of routine. As humans, we often desire change and yet resist it at the same time.

I really believe that any sacrifice that God leads you to do is really no sacrifice at all. God is always good. He wants to give you the desires of your heart, but you have to lean in close to hear His! A time of fasting should never be from a spirit of obligation, but from an overflow of your love for Him.

I want to thank Priest Russ for drawing our focus to the season of Lent. As we enter into Lent, ask the Lord what He would have you sacrifice this next 40 days. I encourage you to join your spouse in whatever this may be to emphasize spiritual unity and commitment. Please keep in mind these overarching truths as you consider doing this:

  • Draw upon the Lord's strength, not your own
  • Enter into the season with a humble, contrite heart
  • Ask God to reveal sins of commission and sins of omission
  • Meditate and reflect upon the mysteries found in His Word
  • Invite the spirit of reconciliation to come forth
  • Ask God to shape you into what He wants you to be
  • Shift your focus towards serving your community
  • Anticipate the power of the resurrection in your life
God's cleansing fire will bring forth renewed passion in your Christian walk that will spill over into the alter of your marriage.


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